Monday, April 27, 2015


Our first day in the saddle on this tour will be June 15th, but it's good to know that the equipment is good to go. Getting things here to Uzbekistan is not easy.

This will be my first tour with a four pannier set up. I've had enough of the Bob trailer, and heavy back end formats. 

Probably shouldn't tour on a road bike, but it stood up well in Scandinavia so I reckon it has one more in it.

Hoping that the roads of South East Europe will be smooth, and that the front hub and band mount rack will be kind to the carbon forks!?!??

Niamh's bike was a local purchase here in Tashkent, from 'The Master'. Solid on the trip to Buhkara and a bargain too. We've had to improvise with seat stem mount rear pannier bag, as the small frame would not allow for a regular rear rack to sit horizontally. 

Go flying Irish Woman- go! 

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